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Greetings aspiring member of Bifrost!
This post is intended to act a guide for you to quickly get yourself familiar with the recruitment process as well as our policies, requirements and services.

Guild Vision
The idea of Bifrost is not just another raiding guild. In Bifrost we aspire to make the best possible community experience. In Bifrost we value loyalty above progression. We aim to start experiencing the content from the very beginning and to progress as a group, we think there is no fun in joining pugs for the mere reason of loot. That is why we are building a warm and friendly yet serious guild in which everyone who shares our goal will feel at home.

Useful resources - read them

Application Process & followup
  1. Make sure you've read the useful resources listed above
  2. Send in an application (top right corner button)
  3. Assuming you were accepted, check the "Massive Resources Thread" listed above and in the sidebar, most of the stuff you need to know about the guild is linked there.

On behalf of the Supreme Leadership of the people's glorious democratic dictatorship of Bifrost, allow me to officially welcome you to the guild and our community.
Retired Supreme Leader of the people's glorious democratic dictatorship of Ragnarok
The one who is, was, and always will be.
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